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Arlington Woods HOA
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Recently, someone has been dumping yard waste, tree fronds and building materials in the retention ponds. This is littering and is strictly prohibited and must stop immediately.  Please properly dispose of all trash via trash pick up or taking it to the local dump. If anyone sees anyone dumping anything in the retention ponds, please let one of the Board know and if possible, snap a picture. 

Our next HOA meeting will be in August, TBA.

There will also be a special meeting in the near future to r
evise and update our By Laws. All are encouraged to attend, with the date and time to follow.

If you would like to view the May 4th meeting:

Passcode: 4UHXpXm+

HOA assessments are due BY 2/29/2024. The $25.00 late fee will be assessed to every account not paid in full by the due date!! Interest will be added the 1st of each month starting April 1st until assessment is paid. After May 31st all residents who owe assessments will be sent the final 30 day notice from the hoa treasurer with their updated amount owed. If full payment is not received within 30 days after last notice their account will be turned over to the hoa attorney for collections. All fees associated with the collection process will be owed by the homeowner.